Government Grants

What is the First Home Owners Grant?

The First Home Owner Grant (FHOG) scheme was introduced on 01 July 2000 to offset the effect of GST on home ownership. 

It is a national scheme funded by the states and territories and administered under their own legislation.  Under the scheme, a one-off grant is payable to first home owners that satisfy all of the eligibility criteria.


If you’re eligible for the grant, you can get $30,000 towards buying or building a new house, unit or townhouse (valued at less than $750,000) that you will live in.

  • Anyone who is or will be an owner of the new home must be included on the application as an applicant.
  • If you have a spouse, they must be included on the application—either as an applicant (co-owner) spouse or non-applicant spouse.
  • You only need 1 application for your new home, regardless of the number of applicants.
  • The grant is paid per new home, not to each applicant.
  • When determining eligibility, each applicant and their spouse must be considered.
are you eligible?

The first home owners grant helped Adam and Tori move to Shoal Point Waters