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Shaping communities for nearly 30 years


Why Pointglen?

Pointglen Developments is the leading developer in Mackay Whitsunday region encompassing residential and commercial/industrial portfolios.


With a long-standing presence in the Mackay region, Pointglen Developments has nearly 30 years of experience in developing properties.

Starting with the renowned Northview Gardens community, Pointglen continues to create high value assets and highly sought-after communities where residents have a quality living experience outside of their home and within the neighbourhood.


Pointglen enjoys an extraordinary level of customer loyalty, who often repurchase to move up within their communities. We adhere to our guiding principles by embracing lifestyle and quality, re-examining its products to strive for even better design and outcomes, and staying with its customers until long after the sale is complete.

The people lucky enough to have experienced living in a Pointglen community know what we mean when we say we design and build better communities.

we care beyond sales

Pointglen is here for the long haul, and so the responsibility to customers continues long after the sales contract has been signed. In our communities, we manage sensible covenants that help ensure quality is maintained within the community long after the house is built.

Environmental Sustainability

Pointglen Developments has set new sustainability and lifestyle benchmarks in the region.

At Northview Gardens estate, Pointglen Developments was the first Mackay developer to embrace water quality objectives by integrating lake and wetland water quality improvement devices within parkland.

This innovative approach demonstrates Pointglen’s commitment to environmental sustainability and improving the quality of life for residents.

Our Shoal Point Waters estate continues this concept of integrating lifestyle with environmental sustainability by incorporating open space planning and walkability with an environmentally sustainable lake and wetland.

The team aims to develop thriving and sustainable communities that can be enjoyed today and by future generations.

Pointglen Developments has nearly 30 years’ experience in creating lifestyle communities and high value assets.

We embrace lifestyle and quality and enjoy an extraordinary level of customer loyalty who often repurchase within our communities.

Our aim is to leave a legacy of thriving and sustainable communities and projects.